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About Us

An entrepreneur living in the southeast of England; Stephen is the Director of Primesigns and his subsidiary companies. Primesigns are market leaders in graphic design, sign manufacture and printing.
Stephen makes it all look so easy, but his success has been the result of continuous hard work, aided by a magical spark of inspiration that differentiates Stephen from the rest. Determined to build his business, Stephen left school armed only with a little work experience, a natural artistic flair and the determination to become a top class businessman. Setting up his first shop in Kent was a sheer leap of faith. Some might have thought him foolhardy; he was still a teenager. Yet, soon he was attracting business from right across the county with his winning combination of fair pricing, sticking to deadlines, and giving his customers just that little bit extra.
In 2000, Stephen’s talent attracted the attention of the Prince's Trust, who lent him £5,000 to expand his business. Within three years he landed a much coveted UK Business of the Year Award, presented by Prince Charles himself. Despite all the odds, Stephen had made it and now he helps other businesses market their goods and services with his stunning art work and his sound business advice.
Bucking the economic trends, Stephen’s business continues to grow. He recently invested £250,000 in his newest asset: a totally refurbished premises in the middle of Hastings. Stephen’s work can be found displayed on hundreds of shop and hotel fronts, on buses, on seaside piers, and along promenades, including over 100,000 signs and stickers for Stade Developments Ltd alone. And it doesn’t stop there. He has also designed signage for many household names including the AA Group, Eurostar, Natwest, Halifax, Spar and Tesco.  One of his signs has even been sighted outside the British Museum!
There is more to Stephen Taylor than just his business acumen. He has never forgotten the help that the Prince’s Trust gave him when he needed it most. Now, he in turn supports his local charities, including the St. Michaels Hospice, giving inspirational talks to young teenagers in schools and exhibitions Stephen continues to offer market beating value, superlative design and work delivered on time and on budget, often at short notice. Why not let the Primesigns magic work for you!

Primesigns specialises in lightning fast turnaround, high quality print and sign products. 

To order, visit our products page and if need be contact us for your specific needs using out contact page. 

We specialise in:

Commercial sign and print work 
Large format full colour prints   
Stickers - Site boards 
Banners - Magnetics 
Vehicle graphics  -  Flyer printing 
Letterheads - Business cards
Logo design - Shop fascias  

In short, we produce everything to do with print, sign & design we have the experience and skills to fulfill your needs! 
Most sign and print orders can be made and sent off within 24 hours. Graphic design is usually completed within a few hours of the order being placed.

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