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An experienced business person, large company or just starting out?


Your logo and branding is the most important part of your business. It is how your customers remember you. Think of the Golden Arches and who do you think of? McDonalds of course. Coca-Cola, I bet you would recognise the logo anywhere!


Small and large companies alike deserve a great logo, but not only that you deseve to be noticed.


So, you want a logo and know a person that dabbles with design, that person completes a design. It looks ok. You go with it. Pay them £25 and say thanks. Then you send your new logo to your printer or sign maker and they tell you that it's not suitable. What then?


Cut out the bedroom designer and come straight to a company that understands how graphics and tech work. Your logo needs to be suitable not only for your Facbook page but as you grow so will your logo. You might get a shop or office? What about a vehicle, a website, some clothing. Make sure your logo is future proof.


Primesigns listens to you and understands what your needs are, but more than that we'll also make your logo scaleable. It'll grow just as quickly as you and be suitable for all of your requirements.


Our package descriptions are below:

Minor Changes to existing PDF artwork - £25


Basic logo - It explains itself. This is our cheapest package. We will listen to your requirements and provide you a logo based on them. We will offer you a couple of changes within the price. - £49

Basic Logo Plus
 - This is pretty much the same service as above except we offer you mulitple changes to your artwork. This is the better of the two basic packages, giving you more freedom to be creative. - £79


Comprehensive Design - Need more than a Basic Logo? This may be the option for you. Our Comprehensive Design package just does more. A lot more! This is where we spend time on your logo, working with you, understanding your requirements. Making the perfect logo for you. Colours, graphics, pictures. You can have it all with this package - £149


Premium Branding Package - This! This is the package for the corporates and the customers that really value the look of their business. This option will get you all of the above plus a Story Board of designs usually between 8-10 choices. All different. Pick and choose from a full Board of options until you have the perfect logo and branding for your company. Choose this and feel awesome! - Prices start from £350


Just remember, we don't use templates. All of out design is completely bespoke and tailored to your needs.

Branding and Logo Design

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