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Almost everything we make is sticky!


We print and supply great looking event stickers and product labels sold on a sheet. I'll explain, our stickers are printed on a large format printer and then machine cut to your specific size or shape. Our machines can cut any shape or design that you can supply. The smaller the sticker the more you'll get on the meter. For once, being small rules. Nobody wants to be given a big sticker at a gig!


This product is perfect as a label for a home made product, It's durable, water proof and cheap. What a perfect way to label your jams, purfumes or wines for sale at the local shop or market. Thinking bigger than that, this product will also be fine in cold store at Amazon.


We leave just enough room for you to cut them individually if you want or into mulitiple strips for ease.


The sheet is 1sqm - One sticker design per sheet please.


Already have a print ready design? Please email it to us at and we'll print what you send. To size PDF's only please with 3mm bleed, CMYK Fogra 27. Please note; We do not check supplied designs for artwork errors. Double check your sizes, resolutions and file types before placing the order.


No design? No worries! Add a design package from our products page and we'll make you your dream Sticker or label.

Product Labels and Stickers.

SKU: 671253175371
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