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At Primesigns we pride ourselves on our bespoke sign work...

The question we have for you is; How can we make your brand work for you and your shopfront?


A well designed signage system will reflect the desired corporate image and promote brand recognition.
This in turn supports your marketing goals and other publicity activities.

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There are many different ways of introducing effective signage in business:

Reception areas - Directories 

External building identification

Internal section - Department markings

Window graphics, both temporary and permanent

Vehicle graphics (mobile advertising!)

The range of materials is also huge, the effectiveness
depends on selecting the right materials for the job:


Acrylic - Glass

Frosted logos - Lettering 

Brass - Stainless steel plaques 

Vinyl logos - Lettering 

Illuminated and Non-Illuminated 

Amazing looking van & car graphics

For more infomation on sign writing your car or van
please feel free to contact us on 01424 440025


What is CNC Routing?

An industrial CNC router is attached to a large table and uses computer programming to cut the required lettering, panels and shapes from a chosen material. Our router has a four speed motor system. The four motor systems provide additional speed and increased accuracy. 

A CNC Router machine is used to cut hard wood, soft wood, perspex, aluminum, PVC, carbon fibre, plastic, composites, foam, brass, tiles and non-ferrous metals into either flat or three-dimensional shaped products. Besides routing and signage, these machines can also act as an engraving machine.

The CNC Router is designed for use with wood typically spun at a rate between 13,000 and 24,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Different baseplates, templates or jigs are used to create a specific pattern in the wood. These items are installed in the tool holders, which are accessible through the spindle nose, a spindle nose tightens and releases to hold the tool used to cut the material.   
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